As the summer ends, school begins, the air starts to cool, and we prepare for our annual election for LVII’s Board of Directors. We will be electing four members this year. Two of the elected directors will serve 3-year terms, and two will serve 2-year terms. Today, we present the bios of your five candidates. Because officer roles like President can change after every election, our current President Raj Kasaraneni will continue to serve the board in the upcoming year.

Mark Grimley

I have been a resident of our community for nearly 13 years. During that time, I have been deeply involved in the governance of the community. Appointed to the Architectural Review Committee by Toll Brothers, I have served as its chair since the homeowners took control of the HOA. I desire to continue my service to the community by filling the fifth seat on the board, which is currently empty.

For most residents, our homes are their largest single investment. Maintaining that value and seeing it grow is one of my primary concerns. My experience in nonprofit management can well serve the HOA. My goal is to ensure that the Board continues to be responsive to community needs.

Stephen Hoffman

Stephen hopes to continue assisting in the financial management of LVII. He has served as the Treasurer of the board for the past two years. He is also a part-time environmental consultant.

“We must ensure that we maintain all the facilities and amenities to keep property values strong,” Stephen says. “I intend to live at LVII for a very long time.”

Kiran Jala

Having lived in this community for more than 5 years, Kiran seeks to improve the living standards and keep the community strong. Kiran has worked on the board for the past two years, helping smooth the transition from builder to homeowners. On the board, he created multiple policies that are critical to the community and made the annual budgets more transparent.

“We have brought many improvements to the community, and there is more to do,”Kiran says. “An active and assertive HOA is important for a healthy lifestyle in the neighborhood.”

Nick Khawaja

“With more than 30 years of living and raising my two girls in the Northern Virginia area, I want to be the voice for the residents to help increase and maintain satisfaction within our community. My direct involvement within the community as a real estate broker has allowed me to represent several clients across the neighborhood. As a director, I have the necessary exposure to the area and quality relationships with fellow homeowners to serve and advocate for the people.” 

Jeffrey Winer

Jeffrey has been a member of a board—and an officer—in the communities where he lived in Los Angeles and in Akron, OH,  before moving to LVII. Having owned several businesses, he currently is the head of Market Development for Ipsen.

“It’s important to have a strong board—one that can focus on maintaining property value, improving the community, and answering to fellow homeowners,” Jeffrey says. “I believe that LVII needs representation on the master board from all neighborhoods. As a Ridges resident, I would represent the Ridges and ensure LVII maintains its first-class community status.”


Online voting ends at 5:00 PM EST on Friday, October 4, 2019. To access the TIEiVote™ online system, please visit and enter your unique username and password. Your registration code was included in the voting packet that was mailed to your home address.

The deadline for receiving print proxy forms is 12:00 PM EST on Monday, October 7, 2019.

Residents can access print proxy voting forms on our website and or pick one up at the Main Clubhouse. Drop off your proxy voting form in the ballot box, which is secured by the entrance to the gym next to the restrooms.

Registered LVII HOA website users will also receive an email with the subject line, “Loudoun Valley II Annual Meeting Notice and Online Election of Directors Information.” Information available upon login includes the following:

  • Annual Meeting Agenda
  • Election and Voting Information
  • Completed Nomination Forms
  • Text of the Proposed Amendment to the Declaration
  • An Online Proxy and Instructions

If you lost the packet, have any issues with the online voting system, or have any questions about the process, please contact the Inspectors of Election at 888-211-5332 or You can also find an online voting demo video here.