As we look forward to a new decade, it’s a great opportunity to introduce the newest head of our Architecture committee and highlight their accomplishments. Many of you already know Mark Grimley (left most person in the above photo), who started serving on the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) when Toll Brothers was still running the HOA. When Mark first moved to LVII, he attended most meetings as a matter of interest, and so the committee asked him to join. When the homeowners took control, Mark submitted his name to the Board to serve as chair, and he’s been doing it ever since.

In 2019, the ARC has processed 185 homeowner applications since the last annual meeting, which includes everything from decks and screen doors to patios and landscaping. The ARC, which meets once a month, recently submitted to the Board of Directors four changes to ARC guidelines that restricted what people wanted to be able to do. The guidelines that were inherited from Toll Brothers were nebulous, and didn’t fit the current needs of the community.

Today, the ARC is taking new strides in streamlining and improving their processes. They now digitize everything, and always encourage residents to submit everything electronically if they can. The ARC reviews and files all submissions electronically. Currently, Mark is developing new web forms that will both reduce paper usage and speed up the process overall.

“It’s always a question of getting people’s applications, and explaining to them what needs to be done,” Mark said. “Many of the new members of our community are first time home owners, and they don’t always necessarily read all of the governing documents that they get when they buy. It’s often a process of explaining what they agreed to, and how we can work together within the guidelines and processes that we’ve established.”