Our wonderful team here at LVII is always changing and growing. We’ve said goodbye to some of the friendly faces who help keep LVII wonderful. At the same time, we are very eager to welcome the new (and equally friendly) faces you’ll be seeing around the LVII offices. Meet Cassandra Andoh and Gloria Arevalo.

Cassandra Andoh, who goes by Cassie for short, is also here to serve homeowners from our main LVII office in a similar capacity. Cassie worked at a different Cardinal property in Alexandria, where she worked with residents in administration and as a concierge. After six months of service to the residents there, she sought a position closer to home. She helps to keep our clubhouses running smoothly and works with vendors to coordinate supplies. Like all of us here at LVII, She is also here to serve homeowners and ensure day-to-day communication between all parties. She’s now quite excited to have a shorter commute and a more regular schedule as she assists our wonderful residents at LVII.

Gloria Arevalo is another of our newest member since November 2019, eager to help our homeowners and staff manage their affairs with efficiency and with big smiles. Gloria has been working in community management for over half a decade, after serving as a front desk concierge and administrative assistant for several years. Gloria is our Community Standards Advisor, helping us maintain the community. Born and raised in Virginia, Gloria proudly served in the military for four years.